Sunday, August 16, 2009

I came across this Pdf..

I just finished reading this Book "Google Analytic 2.0" and then came across it in PDF format. Like I've stated before
I fan of Checking out and reading about Marketing schemes and seeing what really works and what doesn't and then expose the results

Though personally Im not a fan of Google AdSense and choose to use a different online Ad Company and i don't use there
I do have to say i love Google analytic after reading this book i started to see it as the tool it is and not some cool little
graphs. Though i do feel that the book could of gone into deeper details on customizing features it did give me a good overview what it capable of doing.. I now look at google analytic like a game and tracking multi-able blogs at the same time. its kinda of like your own personal Blog stock market.

Google Analytics 2.0 PDF

In fact the more I play with i'll start posting tips and tricks I've figured out and share with others and why think these tips are helpful.

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