Monday, October 19, 2009

Day Trading for Profit..

So the last week I have been checking out the world of day Trading... Main Focusing on Penny Stocks..

I'd have to say It beats Blogging for profit..

So Ive decided that I'm going to Start Posting My Stock Predictions the night before and then come back and see and report on my prediction.

So My Prediction for Tomorrow is UNDT which sits a $0.0078 I will say it will to $0.02 or $0.03 tomorrow

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Starting to think ADbrite is a Scam !!!!!

I'm starting to think that Adbrite is actually a SCAM this is my reasoning is this I have been a very loyal person to adbrite I used there ads only and have worked very hard to promote my blogs way more work than they are paying out in the last month I have finally started earning like if im lucky 1.50 a day.. and earned unuff to have adbrite payout a misaly 20.00 check. they send me a email say i have to wait 60 days "thats to Months before i see any of the money i earned and then secondly they have not shown ads on any of my blogs after getting shady email from there company.. I have snet several request to talk and have gotten no response when there own site site says its will respond with 24-hours.. I will give then until monday to clear this up..

I will spend the several months doing everything in power to make sure people know and cancel any kind of business they are doing with this company..