Monday, October 19, 2009

Day Trading for Profit..

So the last week I have been checking out the world of day Trading... Main Focusing on Penny Stocks..

I'd have to say It beats Blogging for profit..

So Ive decided that I'm going to Start Posting My Stock Predictions the night before and then come back and see and report on my prediction.

So My Prediction for Tomorrow is UNDT which sits a $0.0078 I will say it will to $0.02 or $0.03 tomorrow

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Starting to think ADbrite is a Scam !!!!!

I'm starting to think that Adbrite is actually a SCAM this is my reasoning is this I have been a very loyal person to adbrite I used there ads only and have worked very hard to promote my blogs way more work than they are paying out in the last month I have finally started earning like if im lucky 1.50 a day.. and earned unuff to have adbrite payout a misaly 20.00 check. they send me a email say i have to wait 60 days "thats to Months before i see any of the money i earned and then secondly they have not shown ads on any of my blogs after getting shady email from there company.. I have snet several request to talk and have gotten no response when there own site site says its will respond with 24-hours.. I will give then until monday to clear this up..

I will spend the several months doing everything in power to make sure people know and cancel any kind of business they are doing with this company..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tip of the Week: Filtering out low or non paying Advertisers to Increase your bottomline

In the last few weeks I started using the tools provided to me
by my ad agency which happens to be Adbrite.
One of the tools they provide for me is the option allow or reject ads which currently started weed out the Ads that provided very low payouts and there was even a few that didn't pay at all
and with my blogs that already have a very low click through ratio every click counts.
So you don't need ads being displayed that are not paying specially if they actual have been clicked yet paid nothing for that click.

So I recommend that you sit down and go through your Ad Agency

1.Weed out the low and non paying Ads and make room for though that are actually Paying
I'm not a Google Adsense users so I don't know if they provide this option but Adbrite tracks and shows me every company and when and if they payed both for impressions and if there ad happened to be clicked by a visitor how much I earned when that visitor clicked.

2.Remove Ads that have nothing to do with your blog or website this to will help increase your profit cause your advertisements will be closer geared toward your sites niche which mean your ads will appeal more to your visitors and will hopefully increase your bottom line.

I Have personal done just done though 2 things I have seen my profit increase over the last few weeks...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Less is More Internet Marketing Concept

I've learned something very valuable i think that id like to share in the beginning "Less is More Concept"
while everyone is saying online that you need mass traffic to make it online that maybe true for the long run.
But not in the beginning over the last few weeks to month i have been test ways to drive traffic to my site.
And like everyone less I thought i need mass traffic to make money..

Now i make all my profit through Ad revenue i don't try to sell anything just share information on internet marketing that i have come across.. At first i was making like $1 or $2 a day So i thought i just needed to increase the traffic and the profit would increase. Well i was wrong though my CTR is really low i was make a buck or 2 but then i amped up my traffic and even checked out a few companies that promised more page views for sale. I was shocked to see i was getting 10 times the traffic getting close to 20 to 30 page views but I was now only making like .17 to .20 cents a day a huge drop in profit if you look at it has a percentages thats over a 80% profit drop per day from the week before.

Now I knew i had a problem that my first thoughts were wrong.. So I quit promoting my blogs and let what i payed for flush it self out slowly my Visitor per day went down my CTR stayed about the same But my profit slow started to normalize back to what it was before.

I then read a online that the average CTR should be 0.5 % so a 1000 visitors would be 5 clicks
So now I have let my number crash to about half of that getting around 500 per blog and getting 1 to 2 clicks still
but my profit has now doubled to around average of 2 bucks a day. and most of you will say that thats nothing it still a step in the right direction and has percentages go thats a 100% increase instead of a 80% decrease.

My Goal now is to make all blogs worth a $1 Day

I currently help promote 7 different so that $7 a day I like to reach this goal by the end of October.
as always i love to hear your thoughts and op-ions please leave a comment.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being prepared to social Market to social Networks

Before you go out and Start your Social Marketing campaign and join all these social networks Directories and social bookmarking
sites you need to be ready so you can save your self a lot of time. Below is a A quick check list of what everyone of these sites will want form
you when your submitting your blog or sites. In my personal experience it best to have a ready made template of your info.

For Directory Submission

Title - Domain name or Anchor text can be the title, its case sensitive.
URL - Your site's URL, few directories allow trailing slash and few won't.
Description - A short description around 2 or 3 sentences(200 words).
Category - Select the relevant category of your site.
Keywords - around 5 keywords from your site.
Meta Description - one or two sentence, to describe best of your site.
Name -

For Social Bookmarking you will want the following information


By have these templates made before you go joining will save you time. I hope these tips help you in your
online marketing Business and blog promoting..

Below is a Site a came across that makes the process even easier to do

Monday, September 14, 2009


On March 23, 2009 my parents (elderly) listened to a sales pitch by Torrenza while vacationing in Mazatlan. After listening to the sales pitch they were interested by the prospect of trading another timeshare of theirs for one at Torrenza. One agent left and returned after 15 minutes and indicated a verification of ownership of the timeshare and its estimated value.

A discussion ensued regarding the trade of the specific timeshare and no need of money, only that signatures were needed on the documents laid before them. The documents indicated the total value for Torrrenza and $0 balance due.

Upon returning to the States they received a “new account” credit card statement from Bank of America for the amount of the timeshare at Torrenza. They were under the belief that they signed a “Bill of Sale” trading/exchanging their other timeshare with no further compensation due.

Please Visit and learn more at

Saturday, September 12, 2009

$5 product press Article

Currently offering Product articles written and showcased here of at this blog.
weather its a product a affiliate program or anything else you like to share with internet marketing world. I'm offering
this service for only $5. I will write a a 200 to 300 word press release article and add any referral links, banners or even a youtube video if you provide the link to the article. This blog is currently read by 1500 to 2000 people a day and increasing weekly. I also have the 5 most recent articles on the main blog page so you will get maximum exposer of your product to readers. if you are interested please email PM or email me.

I thank everyone for there time and look forward to speaking with you all in the near future.

Gabriel of GDG Marketing Consulting

Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 SEO Tips to Remember

SEO or search engine optimization knowledge is critical for the person starting out in e-commerce. Whether you want to blog, run an online store or do anything else successfully online, you need to figure out how to get noticed by search engines so that people can find you. Understanding SEO is critical for anyone who wants to be successful in online enterprise.

An important aspect of search engine optimization is the fact that you need to invest time and effort into your website on a regular basis in order get traffic and keep traffic continuously increasing. If you allow your website to sit and collect cobwebs it won't do much for you.

SEO Tip #1:

There isn't a magical formula; at least not one that's evergreen so it's important to stay current on SEO news. Dig deep to find information and read everything you can. You'll find conflicting information at times but knowledge is power so absorb as much SEO news as you can.

SEO Tip # 2:

Create an easy to follow design with a standard homepage, easily viewable links and a site index. This way, people and search engines can find their way around easily and so can people.

SEO Tip # 3:

Determine what your target keywords are. There are some great tools out there such as google Adwords that can help you both for free or for a small fee. Often it's fairly easy to figure this out on your own.

Ask yourself:

What are the top five to ten words or phrases you would use if you were use to search for the product or topic you are selling? Be sure that those words are on each page of your website, especially in titles, headings and at the beginning, middle and end of each page. It's a good idea to use variations as well to give your site further credibility and increase the Long Tail.

SEO Tip # 4:

SEO Fact : Content will always be king. Don't assume that more is better in terms of keywords. Do not fall victim to the temptation to simply keyword stuff your site otherwise two things will happen. First, you'll get banned by the search engines and even worse, you'll be ignored by the humans who land on your page. Both types of visitors can see through vain SEO attempts to trick you to get onto their site.

Instead, you want to target the fine line between having enough keyword relevancy to make it impossible for the search engines to ignore you but not so much that your human visitors find your content to be poor quality. Hire a professional SEO article writer if you have to in order to come across as professional. Keep fresh content on your pages and change your content regularly. You don't have to waste what you've put effort and money into, instead move your old content into archives so it continues to work for you as well.

SEO Tip # 5:

Web 2.0 is all about social networking. Social networking, social book marking, forum posting and link exchanges can be invaluable If you can get high ranking websites in your niche to exchange links with you, this can help. If you are blogging, comment on other blogs in your niche to get a link back to your site and generate interest from bloggers that frequent other sites in your niche. If you use tools like Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon and other social book marking tools on your pages with appropriate tagging, you can bring relevant traffic fairly quickly and it's viral so others will do the same. Social networking activities are also indexed by the search engines.

In summary, there are basic to advanced seo techniques and seo tips that you can use to get noticed by the big three search engines. Your results will depend a lot on how narrow your niche is but there are some basic things you can do to be search engine friendly from the start. It's never too late to optimize your site though so don't lose heart if you didn't follow this advice on your website from the beginning. Here are some basic ideas. This is not an exhaustive list but is a great place to start.

I hope these tips help you on your internet Marketing Adventures and help to bring it in the traffic and results you are looking for..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vital Viral Admits He doesn't show peoples WebSites ! ! !

hello Everyone,

like i said I give Vital Viral Another chances to prove that his Application really works to help promote your website or Blog while i waited and waited to see results from him I emailed Troy Personaly to see why im not getting any results with this email

My Email

Hello Troy,

I was wondering when your system is going to start sending traffic to my Site ?
I had theses sources of traffic sending traffic to my site with no problems for the last week now they have dropped to 0 after adding them to your system.. I'd Really like to see your product do something and all that it claims its saying im getting around 100+ hr through 4 sources now im getting o traffic all these sites were giving me 80 - 50 visits a day at least

thanks for your time Gabriel

A few hours later i get this Email from Troy

Troy Responses is this

I am confident that the system sends the hits it says it sends and I believe I've answered satisfactorily the 'allegation'.

However, with no response from you and with you (at the time) promoting a blog criticsising my site, I didn't really want that being shown on traffic exchanges. You'll appreciate that it can do a lot of damage to the reputation, even if there is just a suggestion that something is not right.

So rather than delete your campaign, I compromised and set your vvMix ratio to 100% meaning the traffic you have been sending is effectively promoting YOUR VVP affiliate link.

You have a right to promote your blog if that's what you want to do but I'm not going to help !! :-)

so he takes your hard work and steals it for promoting his own services saying it going to help you now if I get all theses people in his system to help promote my stuff but he keeps them and doesn't promote what im sharing with people..

So personal I will never use his services are anything that he creates please share this with everyone you might now using this system and Stop don't let your hard work go to waste and let some one else profit from it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why I prefer Adbrite Over Google Adsense.

In the world of web advertising there are many choices out there to choose from and
several different online marketing programs. from google advertising , adbrite to many many
more choices. the big companies and the ones you want to deal with use whats called targeted
online advertising. In my dealing with these kind of companies I have chosen Adbrite over google
Adsence and this is why.

these are my main two reasons

1. You can make more with Adbrite

2. They treat you and better

why do if feel that adbrite pays more is your allowed more ad placement per page.
which in return pays you more over the long run.

the reason i feel they treat me better is this a few years ago i was teaching a group of a students
how to setup google adsence so they could learn more about online marketing during that time
the day after teaching this google shutdown account. while trying to sort it around i never got a live human help
with this problem i have now resolved the problem but after being treated that way i will never go back to there
Ad services. Adbrite as never caused me or my companies any problems in the 3 years i have dealing with them.

So if your interested in adding advertisements to your sites or blogs i personal recommend giving
Adbrite try..

Thanks And as Always love to hear peoples views and thoughts on the subject.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its a 24/7 kind of world

In internet time they say "A days a week a weeks a month and a month is a year". So If your not moving forward 24 hours a day

7 days a week you are falling behind. It means not only doing business fast but giving the customer what they want when they want it and for as long has they want it. This brings me to the next point how are you spending your time when your trying get people to your sites and blogs?

Are you using your time productively or are you have area you think you could improve?
Just some food for thought for all of you to think about next time you set out to market your next campaign.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Agile Development Practices in Social Marketing

As Software Developer I personal use the agile development process
when writing software applications for clients.
While cleaning up I came on my old agile development book So I started flipping through several books and pages it came to me why wont I apply the same practices to social marketing.

So lets first define what Agile is and this is what it means to me.

“The agile approach combines responsive, collaborative people with a focus on demonstrable, concrete goals.”

The goal here with Social marketing is to get people to follow, comment and if your in business of selling stuff is to buy what you are selling.

So the Question is how to use Agile principles to market your blog or website?
that is what I'm going to discuss over the next few weeks in several different articles with so many ways to build and drive traffic what you want them to see such as Pay To Click ,search engines marketing, adwords & of course word of mouth.
So is there a way to build a agile way of internet marketing I think so. Id love to hear peoples thoughts are on the subject please feel free to leave a comment.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Market Your Website Using Keyword Marketing

Choosing the right keywords to market you website is what keyword marketing do. Keywords play an important role in internet marketing. It is what leads search engine users to your site. Keyword marketing is a technique or strategy that can improve your search engine rankings. In putting up a new website, you sometimes take for granted the use of keywords, especially by newbies to the marketing world. You don't realize that the right keywords on your website will improve your search engine rank-ability. You may not understand fully how important the use of right keywords for your website but your goal is to have those keywords and other related keywords within your site. Keywords are words or phrases you type in search engines like Google when you want information on something.

Suppose you understand the importance of keywords, you think all the possible keywords that would relate to your product or service and put that in your website.

Example your website is about dresses. You can place keywords like, "sport dresses ", "school dresses", "cheap Dresses" and any other variety. But the problem is people don't use these keywords when they search for dresses. It is a good idea to simply think of the possible keywords but you're actually risk loosing many potential customers.

So better do a keyword research for your website. Keyword marketing helps you define keywords and phrases bringing many visitors to your site. It helps you determine which keywords and phrases are most often typed in search engines.

When you're in internet marketing, the challenge is how to put your website in front of people who are searching using particular keywords and phrases. Through keyword marketing, you target your customers by keywords. The goal is to achieve top rankings of your website in the actual search results. The advantage of keyword marketing is the potential to reach all the right people at the right time. For searchers, they enter keywords or phrases into a search engine to find information they need while for website owners, they use keywords to put their website on top for those keywords. The basis of all search engine rankings is keywords. So your keywords should have an impact on a websites position within the search engine results pages. When search engine first started determining the relevancy of a site they place a larger emphasis on these tags.

So avoid using the wrong keywords for your website, always check the relevance of those keywords and avoid long lists of keywords. Search engines may just find your website irrelevant to the typed keywords by researchers, no matter how good its content. You might be loosing a lot of money investing in online business because your website is rarely seen by searchers and gaining nothing from it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So Vital Viral Says they can prove to me I'm wrong !!!!

So i got contacted by Troy the owner of Vital Viral I guess he doesn't like the results of my post. So This is what im going to do Im going to give his software one last Chance. I'm going to run 3 or 4 autosurf TE cause i dont want to waste my actual time on any manual TE i may use.

I'm going to focus on keyword marketing and let them run for 24 to 36 hours straight and then let then let 24 hours and see if my next 2 days stats match what he claims.. This should Be exciting.. I think i might even post a video about this one So here we go..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Truth Of VitalViral ( the Traffic exchange Stats )

In my quest for ways to drive traffic I was checking out traffic exchanges to see they had any worth to there weight to there worth I cam e across VitalViral They claimed to be a website tool for watch and tracking your stats live so you has a traffic exchange user can easly see which TE worked for you and which one didn't.. So I decided to join up for the last 24 hours and give it a test run.. changed all my traffic to go through there page filter link they provide claiming it will track your TE.. Now first out of the box i started getting really high numbers That made me instanly think that something up..

Below is a snapshot of my actual Vital Viral Stats at end of a 24 hour hour period of promoting heavily through the traffic exchanges

The second snap shot is what my Stats for the last 24 hour according to VitalViral exchange sites at 11:30am today..after 24 hours of promoting

Now here is what google analytics say my stats are for a 24hour Period this snapshot was taken at 11:30 this morning also

Has you will see there is a huge diffrents in the 2 numbers

Vital Viral says : 1311

Google Analytics says: 619

Thats a diffrents of 629 Vistors that never made it my site..

even if all my traffic came from Vital Viral TE which they didn't they don't even come close the numbers that vital viral claimed..

So I took a closer look at my stats and noticed that vital viral took my traffic away from some of my well known TE that do Provide real Google stats which mean Google and my ads never saw the incoming traffic..

So Today I stopped all my Vital Viral and Ran everything personal Myself manual by hand for the same amount of time which was 8 hrs of solid promoting..

And I belive we will see a huge difference in my stats so in short DON'T USE VITAL VIRAL IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE TRAFFIC EXCHANGES !!! The numbers just dont add UP you will be losing time a possiable useful vistors..

Click for a Click The Race to 100 AD Clicks

I have started click for a click campaign Race to 100 clicks AD clicks

How long does it take you to get to 100 clicks on your ads ?

I like to here your feed back and post your results!! Has always you click my AD
I will click yours back just leave a url at my blog inside this Article Posting...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Social Experiment now in Progress !!!

After running my last experiment and sharing the results i got several emails from people saying they couldn't see my ads
to click on cause they are in text format.. They told me I should make them stand out if i wanted better results.. They also told me that
my social experiment directions were a little fuzzy and they weren't sure what they should have done and i should make it simple instructions.

So here is the Simple steps ! ! !

1. Follow !

2. Click on the AD !

3. Leave your blog URL in the comments section of this POST !

This experiment will run For 7 days instead of 3 days like the last one.
has always I will post the results of this experiment. So take a minute and join in to this experiment..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Seth Godin "All Marketers are Liers"

Hello Everyone,

I Just finished watching this video the other night And I learned a lot from it. One of the key points is Selling the story.. I Really thought that Seth Godin Real shares alot of useful information and a took several notes from this video and will try to put them into Practice..

As Always I like to hear people thoughts and views on what is being shared here..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Results of the First Social Experiment now In...

The 3 day social experiment on doing a click for a click on ads is finally over and i have to say
for the amount of people that viewed and followed was a little better than expected but the concept of a click
for a click i have to say Failed even with the number of people that claimed to have clicked on a ad to the number that
actually did was a huge differences in 3 days I Received a total of # ad Clicks and with the poll saying.. these results
alone along with the total comments posted for this Social experiment the numbers don't add up at all..

1. Even though people had the chance to have there blog viewed get new followers ( aka possible return visitor ) and even make a few cents in ad revenue. They choose to to take advantage of this opportunity. which means 55% of you didn't take a free opportunity to Socialize and grow your own Interests..

So here is a visual Layout of how it should have worked...

The Facts of how it actually turned out

The totals are for the 3 day experiment

Visitors = 316
New followers = 27
Ad Clicks total equaled = 4 amount made total Made= $0.56

So my conclusion is this Social Marketing still has along way to go compared to good old fashion advertising and marketing
you can have all the twitter and other types of followers you want but if they don't do anything or even do what they offer do you really need them or should you look for ways to find the better ways to get your sites and blog information in the view of though that will really participate and interact?

Now I would like to say this side note that several people that followed one of blogs did start and follow some of my others and i did get followers through some of the more popular blogging sites to..

I like the hear people reaction to these results.. if Participated in this i like to hear if people clicked on your ads Cause i clicked on all yours and maybe it the Advertising companies we need to look at...

Thanks More Social experiments coming Soon...

Monday, August 17, 2009

What I learned about Ad Placement Today..

Today I was reading around about ad Placement and i came across a overhelming theme or concept

"How prominently you display ads on your site will have a big impact on your earning!"

Reach your visitors wherever you think they’re most engaged on your site. For text and banner ads, The five most common IAB-standard graphical ad dimensions are: Banner (468x60), Leaderboard (728x90), Medium rectangle (300x250), Skyscraper (120x600), Wide skyscraper (160x600).

Location is Everything they say when it comes to banners below in a chart of what industry standards concider hot spots and cold spots when it comes to ad placement.

So My experiment is this I use to have a Banner at the bottom of my page and i did get a few clicks total of 11 in a single month

And advertiser claim this statement " We often see top-of-page ad placements earn 10 times more than ads on the bottom of the same page."
So by putting ads high up on your page gives your ads prominent placement and will in return boost revenue.

For the Next month I'm going promote my blogs as usual and see if i really get 10 Times more clicks to Ratio of what i have now. Than having the ad on the bottom of the page.

Only Time will Tell..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I came across this Pdf..

I just finished reading this Book "Google Analytic 2.0" and then came across it in PDF format. Like I've stated before
I fan of Checking out and reading about Marketing schemes and seeing what really works and what doesn't and then expose the results

Though personally Im not a fan of Google AdSense and choose to use a different online Ad Company and i don't use there
I do have to say i love Google analytic after reading this book i started to see it as the tool it is and not some cool little
graphs. Though i do feel that the book could of gone into deeper details on customizing features it did give me a good overview what it capable of doing.. I now look at google analytic like a game and tracking multi-able blogs at the same time. its kinda of like your own personal Blog stock market.

Google Analytics 2.0 PDF

In fact the more I play with i'll start posting tips and tricks I've figured out and share with others and why think these tips are helpful.

First 24 hours of experiment Over !!

Hello Everyone this was the first 24 hours of my experiment now are over. now Im Going to share some basic
stats I personal started following total of 55 blogs and and i clicked on everyones ads that had them 43 blogs to be exact.

I respond to several post at Blog communities that had people asking for views and clicks and responded to them to see if they re read there posts and reply and return the favor as they requested and offered in the first place..

I will not give out the number of clicks i received until the 3 days are up and amount.
So i can give people the chance to see i responded to them. I can tell you though its not a click for a click!

I added a Poll to gather more stats for the results:

at the end of this is Experiment which will end Tuesday Night at midnight I will post my actual google stats in PDF
ect.. screen shots to show My actual numbers and the Outcome of this experiment along with all thoughts a views..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Social Marketing Experiment Part 1

This is a Social Marketing Experiment For the last few weeks I have been exploring ways of get visitors to a website in my case My Music Blog.. Now unlike other I offer all my music and art for free
thats just the artist and Musician in me I do cause I find it fun to create music and art and audio software. ON the other hand I like the concept of marketing and driving traffic. I don't plan on ever making any real money from it but I find it funny sometimes to read all though's get Rich now Ads. So has of last week I tried out the traffic exchange marketing world to see what would happen. ( Read post below to see my views! )
Now we all have some kind ad system in place to try to make a little money. ( cause we all need it to surive! ) even though I did get a huge boost in traffic it was a waste of traffic casue out of 500+ views in two days which I know is not huge number for some of you but with a small music blog usally only getting 50 or so at the most 250 in a day is a big jump. Like I said though it was junk visits and Im not a professional marketer. Anyways back to the 500 views I got 0 clicks on my ads and lets face it the money is in ad revenue not impressions.

Facts !!!
Impression = Almost Nothing!! for a 1000 impressions = 0.10

Like a said being in the treches of though traffic exchanges a overhelming theme was a stupid ad like this MAKE $75 hr with are Stupid Ass System it seems these system are a dime a dozen but id did get me thinking. I'm not a greedy person hell if I could make just $75 bucks a day I'd be amazed I personal could live off that no problem but could you do it with a blog? ( I Still don't think thats possible ) because after playing around with numbers that I was getting with the traffic exchange just driving faceless impressions the number you have to send is Huge.

Meaning to make $75 off Impressions alone you have to have 75,000 visits a day and for a tiny experimental artist no way in a million years is that going to happen. Even with this blog being on something more main stream and what seems to be a popular topic or tag..75,000 visits just wont happen on a daily bases.

So thats not a option but then I was reading about interaction with other bloggers to drive traffic and real followers which I have been doing then a came across a section of blog promoting groups and I saw people posting ads or forum post saying leave a comment or visit my blog and I will do the same.
So I started looking into this a little more and saw that there was almost a subculture of these kinds of posts. I even say a few post that said click on my ad and follow and will do the same.. So beening interested in different marketing ideas I decided Ive al ready wasted 3 days doing traffic exchanges but this seemed more on a personal level..

My first thoughts on this:

1.If you going to click on ads all day you might as well be supporting other bloggers
2.The content is a million times more interesting than though stupid get rich Ads
3.They have a far better Return on there investment

4.Example after reading a few of them I went read a few post and started to follow and clicked on there ads like they asked. I did this for 10 or so blogs with a small comment saying I checked out your blog and started followed I also supported you by clicking on one of your ads please return the favor..
the next day I went to check my ad revenue to see if anyone returned the favor and saw that a few people did I actually what they said they do 50% didnt but still earned $1.35 just off that simple 15 minutes it took I made more than 3 weeks of aggressive marketing.

Now for my Experiment

After getting the results that I did I have decided I'm going to try a social experiment in marketing I'm going to invest the same amount of time I did in traffic exchange experiment which is 3 days and all Im going to do is respond to people that agree to do the following which I have found several blog community that claim to have people asking for the same thing in return.

1.start following the blogs ( shows that you where actually There )
2.leave a shout out or comment ( many of the social blogs let you post a quick comment after visiting a blog
3.Of course click on there one of there Ads

4.HAVE A REAL BLOG OR SITE ( NOT GET RICH CRAP ) no one whats to read that stuff share something that actually interests you cause thats what blog are about.

So The concept works like this do the 3 things above then post your Comment with a link to your Blog if you like to be part of this experiment.

If you do the following 3 steps as above I will return the favor

The Experiment list

To create a on going list say people looking for comments and ad clicks
so the first day I post an link to my blog as I will start this off
say 3 people come and add to the list and do the following I should get 3 clicks if everyone clicks on all the ads above them then add there comment with a link then they are automatically added to the list and the next person comes by a does the same. Now I will opt in personal to get emails when people add them selfs to this post and click a return the favor. ( you as comment poster should have the same option)

After 3 days of doing this I will write a post about my results and like to here what people that optin to this experiment have to say after the days. I will compare it other Marketing ideas I've seen and tested and give my honest opinion and results of this experiment..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Traffic Exchanges "THE TRUTH" and what i Learned..

Ok Everyone I decided last week and this to test the marketing idea of Traffic Exchanges. So I went out a joined a bunch of the the top 20 exchanges sites to give it a whrile. This is what i have learned and in my Opion have come up with.

My List of what you should know first.

1. 90% of the dont work and suck !!! they dont even work well unuff to even want to start surfing with them..

2. Read the exchange Rate you want to work only for views to your website or blog not any thing else.. 1:1 is what you wnat if thats really what they payout.. most you see if you go traffic exchange shopping is 1:3 meaning you have to view 3 sites for every 1 view of yours..

3. 99% of the ADS SUCK!!!! ok just let you know 99% of the ads are i'll make you rich ads. every once in a while you actually get a real blog or website worth looking at ("REALLY WISH THERE MORE REAL SITES").

4. More is Not Better Running Muiltable site is really not that much faster.. OK running 2 or 3 that have proven to be proven performers maybe but in my 3 day experiment the first day i just ran two side by side and got more credits and points than the second day where i was running 5 at a time.. (if you can prove me wrong I have a site you can prove your self on !!!)

out of the 20 or so traffic exchange sites i tested 2 that i have found are even real to what they say and that

both of these site proved to me that they can deliver what they say..( my Google Analytic shows me..) now the problem is still is that the time involved in promoting at these sites is huge and the traffic came a got a huge spike in vistors but still no where close to worth my time..

I would like to here what people think that have used these methods and if they got real results id like to here how and don't try and sell me you secret make it rich plan cause i'm not selling anything.. just drive traffic

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The laws of Big Numbers

This is a great video that explains the laws of big numbers and why you need them in order to get the results you are looking for when it comes to promoting your site

Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites and how to use them !

Here is a list of some of the most popular Social bookmarking site has of feb-2009
Now the key to use them is to use them just like social networks and users based on keywords of what your trying to share with others all so the big thing is to share every single page you have every post and new thing you do on your site so people will know what is going on with your blog or website .

Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites

1. Folkd [V] (7)
2. Oneview (German) (7)
3. Spurl (6)
4. Feedmarker (6)
5. LinkaGoGo (5)
6. SpotBack (5)
7. Connectedy (5)
8. Blinklist [V] (5)
9. MyLinkVault (4)
10. A1 Webmarks (4)
11. OYAX (4)
12. Pixelmo [V] (4)
13. TeDigo (2)
14. MyPIP (3)
15. SyncOne (3)
16. Yattle (3)
17. Memfrag (3)
18. Ziki [V] (1)
19. i89 (0)
20. Chipmark (0)

Top 20 Social networks

Id like to first start by sharing what are the top social networking sites I recommend joining every single one because it the resources and visitors from all these site that will give you the traffic you are looking for in later post i will share how to harness this list of sites to get what you want out to them.

A few Simple Tips use the same username if at possible at all these sites on good place to check and makes it easy to join sites
This site let you know every site that is using your username and if its not be uses i recommend grab it asap possible so some else doesn't..

Top Social Media Sites (ranked by unique worldwide visitors November, 2008)

1. Blogger (222 million)
2. Facebook (200 million)
3. MySpace (126 million)
4. Wordpress (114 million)
5. Windows Live Spaces (87 million)
6. Yahoo Geocities (69 million)
7. Flickr (64 million)
8. hi5 (58 million)
9. Orkut (46 million)
10. Six Apart (46 million)
11. Baidu Space (40 million)
12. Friendster (31 million)
13. (29 million)
14. (24 million)
15. Bebo (24 million)
16. Scribd (23 million)
17. Lycos Tripod (23 million)
18. Tagged (22 million)
19. imeem (22 million)
20. Netlog (21 million)