Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Article Writer is currently looking for freelance writers.

Article Writer is currently looking for freelance writers.

You can write about anything you like. Article must be between 400-500 words and 100% original and pass our screening process in order for us to accept you for a position. This article can not be posted/published anywhere else on the internet.

Please remember to use proper grammar and spell-check your article before submitting.

Your submission needs to be sent in a email to gdgsoftwaredesigns@gmail.com titled "Article for Employment Screening".

The attachment needs to be either .doc,RTF or .txt

We have limited positions available and several applicants we will processing the applications as first come first served bases until all the positions are filled.

Thanks again for your application and look forward to reading article and continuing the application process with you.

We will contact you within 5-7 business days from the date your article is submitted for employment processing in regards to your applications status.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you looking or need to hire a freelance worker?

Welcome Readers,

In today's Freelance marketplace there are several options when looking for jobs. The one i like to share with everyone today is called Freelance Machines.

This site is full of Freelance work from web development, photograph to Voice overs for videos and radio commercials.

Freelance Machine is very clean with a friendly appearance and is easy to use also placing a job is always free so if need some to help you with project its the perfect place to post a job.

So take a monument a give this look over and start finding the jobs or posting your jobs today.

Freelance Jobs

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Textbroker.com Getting paid to write Artilces

Ok Readers,

I thought i share this with everyone I was searching the internet for ways to get payed to write Articles. When I came Across the Site Textbroker.com They offer to pay writers by the word.. they give you a star rating after submitting your test article..from a 2 star being very low to 5 stars which pays more for each word..

2 stars: legible 0.7 Cent per word
3 stars: good quality 1.0 Cent
4 stars: excellent quality 1.4 Cent per word
5 stars: professional quality 5.0 Cent per word

So I signed up to give it a whirl and I wrote 3 articles I got payed between 1.80 - 3.75 for these articles each being between 200-300 words. When I started I was being payed 1.5 cents a word after my first 2 article got accepted it went up to 2.5 in less than a day.. now i dont think i will become rich off this site but its a good place to get your feet wet if your looking into writing articles for a living..

I haven't decided if I'm going to see if i can work my way to the top at 5 stars or not but I'll keep you all posted if i learn more about this site good or Bad...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Seo Link Building is Important

Welcome Readers,

Today one of the fast growing topic is Seo link building. Knowing how to this correctly can increase pagerank which is very important if your trying to get better search engine rankings for your website.

One of the big factors when you are looking for back links is to see what the sites you are linking to PR is
the higher there pagerank is the better looking it is for your website when you get them to link to you.

Another big decision is the type of links you are trying to create the most valuable is the one way link. There also two way links and A three ways links. The ones you should concern yourself with is the One way links for they will increase pagerank faster than the other two types.

Though in the beginning you may have to do two ways So here a simple tip if you are going to use two links always exchange links with sites that have at least 1-2 pagerank higher than you..

Seo Link building done right takes a lot of time and research there a plenty of free back linking tools out there both good and bad. The Site webconf.com offers a few useful tools like there backlink finder tool which allows you to enter a keyword or phrase and it will bring back a list of sites that they suggest you should try to get back links from don't forget to check each of the sites for there pagerank first..

The last thing I like to touch bases on is Seo link building has a much to do with your incoming links as the keywords you use to link to link back to your site with. There are a lot of keyword ranking tools out there like google keyword finder. The tip I will give here is use keywords the that you want to to try and be seen for in your anchor text.

If you follow theses basic tips your site will slow build its self up better in the search engine ranks and you will increase pagerank which in return increase the amount your sites is visited per month.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to Building Quality backlinks

Building Quality backlinks is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization.

It is not enough just to have a lot of backlinks, it is the Quality of backlinks along with the Quantity that help you rank better in Search Engines.

A backlink could be considered as a Quality Backlink if
1. The Theme of the backlinking website is the same as your website.
2. It links to your website with the keyword (keyphrase) that you are trying to optimize for.

This tools searches for websites of the theme you specify that contain keyphrases like "Add link", "Add site", "Add URL", "Add URL", "Submit URL", "Add Article" etc. Most of the results could be quality potential backlinks.

Personal I feel this is Great Solution for when Im Working on SEO Projects for Clients.

Backlink Builder

Enter Keyword (Theme)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free 30 day trail of Raven Seo Tools for Social Marketing

Welcome Back Readers,

I with all the SEO Companies out there and all the sites that offer tools for better managing your SEO Solutions its hard to whats worth trying out and What sites Just don't meet the Standards.
They we need to really leverage your site to the top of googles page rank.

Now most people that have been doing Seo for even a little while know of SEOmoz and SEObook if haven't you should check them out.. The other day while searching through youtube for SEO tutorial videos I came across a info video on a website called Raven. This is site offers a range of solutions that help you study research keywords, finding back links and check your site performance. After watching there short movie on what there sites all about I went and checked it out. Now there basic membership is $99 a month and what they call there enterprise membership cost a whooping $249 a month.

Now before you panic or think that seems like a lot to spend a month just for SEO researching tools with there being so many free option that work really well if used properly. They do offer a 30 day Trail of there pro version for free they don't even ask you for your credit card information until 30days are up. So I thought I have nothing to lose So I have decided to test out there site for the next 30 days and report back once a week of what I used and my personal review on it..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Start building your Backlinks using Zeriouz

Welcome Readers,

Over the last few weeks i been studying on how to get back links. then last night i came across this site called Zeriouz

And this what they Offered they are say there system will get 1,000 if not 100,000 backlinks in very short period of time. They even had a very well put together video that i did watch shows how it works.. So i decided that this sites claims seems like some worth testing on this blog..

There basic concept is this

You reffer 10 people your link goes on there pages and they ask 10 people you show up on all those pages too. all the way down to 5 levels. So yes this seems very pyramid-ish They do allow you to filter what sites show your link and ect..

So Here it is the feel free Join the zeriouz network and receive thousands of links to your website in weeks!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sales Job offer at GDG Software Designs.

We are a web design group who require sales leads. That means we need people capable of getting us new clients. Our problem is that we are a new group and past work cannot be displayed due to contractual obligations with previous companies, which means that it is more difficult for us to engage new clients.

We need people who are capable of getting in 4 new clients per month who would have a budget of over $3,000. Our charge is $60 per hour, considering that our team are highly paid due to their great work we cant go any lower, so for projects requiring a per hour basis that's what we charge.

We will charge the clients referred to us and we always charge 50% before we start work and 50% upon completion. Once the project is finished you will get paid a 10% referral commission.

This is a great opportunity for people with good contacts, good marketing skills and good sales record to earn a very attractive commission every month!

GDG Software Designs

Friday, May 14, 2010

A new Google group to help find Web Development contracts

I Started this google Group to help connect clients with programmers and seo experts please join in our discussions and please share this group with other you feel would benefit

Software Developers Freelance group

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sales Leads Needed

We are a web design group who require sales leads. That means we need people capable of getting us new clients. Our problem is that we are a new group and past work cannot be displayed due to contractual obligations with previous companies, which means that it is more difficult for us to engage new clients.
We offer web design, web development, graphic design, flash development, seo, wordpress, xhtml, html, mysql etc and marketing campaigns and hosting of the highest quality. We also do some software development work, but this is more on a single project basis as the need might arise.

We need people who are capable of getting in 4 new clients per month who would have a budget of over $3,000. Our charge is $60 per hour, considering that our team are highly paid due to their great work we cant go any lower, so for projects requiring a per hour basis thats what we charge. Firms offering the same level of service usually charge at least 30% more. So we are quite cheap relatively. Remember, we aren’t a quick job group, we truly deliver top class work.

Read More on this position

Introducing GDG Software Designs LLC

Hello everyone,

I have been Busy creating a startup company called GDG Software Designs,

We offers a wide range of services including business process,graphic design, agile software development, and product life cycle management.

By combining our SEO expertise with the cutting edge software development, our Rapid Delivery Model will deliver enhanced productivity to any project.

to learn more about us and to get a quote please visit www.gdgsoftwaredesigns.com

More on our SEO Services please read this http://www.gdgsoftwaredesigns.com/seo-services.html

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Monday, March 15, 2010

MySpace Social Networking Secrets.

MySpace Social Networking Secrets.
Inexpensive MySpace Help! MySpace Step-by-step Help For Beginning To Advanced Tips

Get Myspace Mass Secerts..

Photos for Money Get Paid To Use Your Digital Camera!

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New Website Launched 10/23! People Need Jobs!New Website Launched 10/23! People Need Jobs!

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Real Home jobs for people,like you.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Last 72 Hours of ClickBank....

Ok So a few days ago i decided to take click bank for a spin and see what its all about..

Ive started very small like if i didn,t have a web site and was trying to promote products through social Networking sites like facebook and twitters ect.. Just your hoplink of diffrent products..

What Ive seen So far is that yes people do actually click on the Ads I can see that from studying the click bank Analytic But I have Eran Nothing $0 in sales so Far..

So I have decieded to try out there second approrch and that to post several Ads inside a Blog.. So the last 3 Post are Click bank products i researched and promoting also I made all the Ads on this page now clickbank products too see if it increases sales.

If figure to Make clickbank worth its time i need to make minimum of $50 a day or roughly 2 sales a day from promoting. I will spend the next 48 hours on a massive promoting campaign to see what happens from it... and will report back on it on Monday...

Banner Ad BluePrints

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Study of ClickBank

Over the next few months i going to test out the world of clickbank.. This is what I'm going to say about it now. I have to say the site is very clean professional looking and really easy to use and to promote there products.

The way I'm going to test and judge this by trying different methods to get the products out and too see how much i earn in return $$$ for my time..

I will give this project 90 days.. with weekly updated post on what i noticed and my op ions along the way..