Friday, March 12, 2010

Last 72 Hours of ClickBank....

Ok So a few days ago i decided to take click bank for a spin and see what its all about..

Ive started very small like if i didn,t have a web site and was trying to promote products through social Networking sites like facebook and twitters ect.. Just your hoplink of diffrent products..

What Ive seen So far is that yes people do actually click on the Ads I can see that from studying the click bank Analytic But I have Eran Nothing $0 in sales so Far..

So I have decieded to try out there second approrch and that to post several Ads inside a Blog.. So the last 3 Post are Click bank products i researched and promoting also I made all the Ads on this page now clickbank products too see if it increases sales.

If figure to Make clickbank worth its time i need to make minimum of $50 a day or roughly 2 sales a day from promoting. I will spend the next 48 hours on a massive promoting campaign to see what happens from it... and will report back on it on Monday...

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