Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sales Leads Needed

We are a web design group who require sales leads. That means we need people capable of getting us new clients. Our problem is that we are a new group and past work cannot be displayed due to contractual obligations with previous companies, which means that it is more difficult for us to engage new clients.
We offer web design, web development, graphic design, flash development, seo, wordpress, xhtml, html, mysql etc and marketing campaigns and hosting of the highest quality. We also do some software development work, but this is more on a single project basis as the need might arise.

We need people who are capable of getting in 4 new clients per month who would have a budget of over $3,000. Our charge is $60 per hour, considering that our team are highly paid due to their great work we cant go any lower, so for projects requiring a per hour basis thats what we charge. Firms offering the same level of service usually charge at least 30% more. So we are quite cheap relatively. Remember, we aren’t a quick job group, we truly deliver top class work.

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