Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Start building your Backlinks using Zeriouz

Welcome Readers,

Over the last few weeks i been studying on how to get back links. then last night i came across this site called Zeriouz

And this what they Offered they are say there system will get 1,000 if not 100,000 backlinks in very short period of time. They even had a very well put together video that i did watch shows how it works.. So i decided that this sites claims seems like some worth testing on this blog..

There basic concept is this

You reffer 10 people your link goes on there pages and they ask 10 people you show up on all those pages too. all the way down to 5 levels. So yes this seems very pyramid-ish They do allow you to filter what sites show your link and ect..

So Here it is the feel free Join the zeriouz network and receive thousands of links to your website in weeks!

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