Sunday, August 16, 2009

First 24 hours of experiment Over !!

Hello Everyone this was the first 24 hours of my experiment now are over. now Im Going to share some basic
stats I personal started following total of 55 blogs and and i clicked on everyones ads that had them 43 blogs to be exact.

I respond to several post at Blog communities that had people asking for views and clicks and responded to them to see if they re read there posts and reply and return the favor as they requested and offered in the first place..

I will not give out the number of clicks i received until the 3 days are up and amount.
So i can give people the chance to see i responded to them. I can tell you though its not a click for a click!

I added a Poll to gather more stats for the results:

at the end of this is Experiment which will end Tuesday Night at midnight I will post my actual google stats in PDF
ect.. screen shots to show My actual numbers and the Outcome of this experiment along with all thoughts a views..


  1. This is a pretty interesting experiment and so how is it going after you have pulled in this many people I notice you have quite a few people following.

  2. Oh almost forgot here are my blogs

    I have more than 30 more but I dont want to put to many on your blog making it look like link bait. So hopefully you will visit sometimes.