Saturday, August 15, 2009

Social Marketing Experiment Part 1

This is a Social Marketing Experiment For the last few weeks I have been exploring ways of get visitors to a website in my case My Music Blog.. Now unlike other I offer all my music and art for free
thats just the artist and Musician in me I do cause I find it fun to create music and art and audio software. ON the other hand I like the concept of marketing and driving traffic. I don't plan on ever making any real money from it but I find it funny sometimes to read all though's get Rich now Ads. So has of last week I tried out the traffic exchange marketing world to see what would happen. ( Read post below to see my views! )
Now we all have some kind ad system in place to try to make a little money. ( cause we all need it to surive! ) even though I did get a huge boost in traffic it was a waste of traffic casue out of 500+ views in two days which I know is not huge number for some of you but with a small music blog usally only getting 50 or so at the most 250 in a day is a big jump. Like I said though it was junk visits and Im not a professional marketer. Anyways back to the 500 views I got 0 clicks on my ads and lets face it the money is in ad revenue not impressions.

Facts !!!
Impression = Almost Nothing!! for a 1000 impressions = 0.10

Like a said being in the treches of though traffic exchanges a overhelming theme was a stupid ad like this MAKE $75 hr with are Stupid Ass System it seems these system are a dime a dozen but id did get me thinking. I'm not a greedy person hell if I could make just $75 bucks a day I'd be amazed I personal could live off that no problem but could you do it with a blog? ( I Still don't think thats possible ) because after playing around with numbers that I was getting with the traffic exchange just driving faceless impressions the number you have to send is Huge.

Meaning to make $75 off Impressions alone you have to have 75,000 visits a day and for a tiny experimental artist no way in a million years is that going to happen. Even with this blog being on something more main stream and what seems to be a popular topic or tag..75,000 visits just wont happen on a daily bases.

So thats not a option but then I was reading about interaction with other bloggers to drive traffic and real followers which I have been doing then a came across a section of blog promoting groups and I saw people posting ads or forum post saying leave a comment or visit my blog and I will do the same.
So I started looking into this a little more and saw that there was almost a subculture of these kinds of posts. I even say a few post that said click on my ad and follow and will do the same.. So beening interested in different marketing ideas I decided Ive al ready wasted 3 days doing traffic exchanges but this seemed more on a personal level..

My first thoughts on this:

1.If you going to click on ads all day you might as well be supporting other bloggers
2.The content is a million times more interesting than though stupid get rich Ads
3.They have a far better Return on there investment

4.Example after reading a few of them I went read a few post and started to follow and clicked on there ads like they asked. I did this for 10 or so blogs with a small comment saying I checked out your blog and started followed I also supported you by clicking on one of your ads please return the favor..
the next day I went to check my ad revenue to see if anyone returned the favor and saw that a few people did I actually what they said they do 50% didnt but still earned $1.35 just off that simple 15 minutes it took I made more than 3 weeks of aggressive marketing.

Now for my Experiment

After getting the results that I did I have decided I'm going to try a social experiment in marketing I'm going to invest the same amount of time I did in traffic exchange experiment which is 3 days and all Im going to do is respond to people that agree to do the following which I have found several blog community that claim to have people asking for the same thing in return.

1.start following the blogs ( shows that you where actually There )
2.leave a shout out or comment ( many of the social blogs let you post a quick comment after visiting a blog
3.Of course click on there one of there Ads

4.HAVE A REAL BLOG OR SITE ( NOT GET RICH CRAP ) no one whats to read that stuff share something that actually interests you cause thats what blog are about.

So The concept works like this do the 3 things above then post your Comment with a link to your Blog if you like to be part of this experiment.

If you do the following 3 steps as above I will return the favor

The Experiment list

To create a on going list say people looking for comments and ad clicks
so the first day I post an link to my blog as I will start this off
say 3 people come and add to the list and do the following I should get 3 clicks if everyone clicks on all the ads above them then add there comment with a link then they are automatically added to the list and the next person comes by a does the same. Now I will opt in personal to get emails when people add them selfs to this post and click a return the favor. ( you as comment poster should have the same option)

After 3 days of doing this I will write a post about my results and like to here what people that optin to this experiment have to say after the days. I will compare it other Marketing ideas I've seen and tested and give my honest opinion and results of this experiment..


  1. My Blog Link

    This is the first post Click for a Click & Follow for A Follow

  2. Absolutely great concept idea I have another great idea but don't want to post it here . hmm well i'll be back or if you return post a comment on my blogged spot as to ideas will get back with you my idea generated 1000 add clicks in less than a few hours ttyl on such subject dirtdog

  3. Hi I joined all your blogs and read some of your posts and checked out some of your ads.

    I am not sure how this will work out but I will give it a try.



  4. Okay I'm in and following several blogs. I have two blogs. This one that I followed your blogs with called Oldman's Cantankerous Point of
    View and also one at which covers My Journey to a Happier and Healthier Lifestyle.

    I agree with you about all those get rich quick schemes out there. Clicks are not going to do it either. I get about 50 a day on the second one. I just started writing the cantankerous one less than a month ago.

    It will be interesting to see your results. You can contact me through the second one.


    Brian, the old man

  5. Thanks for sharing such a great ides.

  6. Just let though above know i have checked out your blogs started following and clicked on your ads if you have them..

  7. i have received your message, and i am visiting you now, my blog is
    I hope you have a shout box, in case if some one visited you, and leave a message not in the comment box, thank you....

  8. Hi Dude,
    Just did the three steps, please retunr the favor.

    P.S. I like your blog and experiment, I will continue reading.

  9. I'm in, should be interesting... just in case, my blog is

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