Monday, August 17, 2009

What I learned about Ad Placement Today..

Today I was reading around about ad Placement and i came across a overhelming theme or concept

"How prominently you display ads on your site will have a big impact on your earning!"

Reach your visitors wherever you think they’re most engaged on your site. For text and banner ads, The five most common IAB-standard graphical ad dimensions are: Banner (468x60), Leaderboard (728x90), Medium rectangle (300x250), Skyscraper (120x600), Wide skyscraper (160x600).

Location is Everything they say when it comes to banners below in a chart of what industry standards concider hot spots and cold spots when it comes to ad placement.

So My experiment is this I use to have a Banner at the bottom of my page and i did get a few clicks total of 11 in a single month

And advertiser claim this statement " We often see top-of-page ad placements earn 10 times more than ads on the bottom of the same page."
So by putting ads high up on your page gives your ads prominent placement and will in return boost revenue.

For the Next month I'm going promote my blogs as usual and see if i really get 10 Times more clicks to Ratio of what i have now. Than having the ad on the bottom of the page.

Only Time will Tell..

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