Thursday, August 27, 2009

So Vital Viral Says they can prove to me I'm wrong !!!!

So i got contacted by Troy the owner of Vital Viral I guess he doesn't like the results of my post. So This is what im going to do Im going to give his software one last Chance. I'm going to run 3 or 4 autosurf TE cause i dont want to waste my actual time on any manual TE i may use.

I'm going to focus on keyword marketing and let them run for 24 to 36 hours straight and then let then let 24 hours and see if my next 2 days stats match what he claims.. This should Be exciting.. I think i might even post a video about this one So here we go..


  1. Thanks for the info I started using Vital viral and i hate to see my hard work go to waste i'll be sharing this post with everyone i know to help get the word out..

    please keep in touch.

  2. just sticking me nose in have not read the whole thing ,,but looked at viral stuff before how can anything go viral if it relies on people taking action from a very apathetic stugod

  3. Gabriel, you do make me laugh.

    VVP has been running for nearly 3 years now and now shows 180k page views a day of the type you 'tested' and 'revealed the truth about'.

    And all after being a member for 2 days and sending 1300 hits.

    You seem to think I'm trying to 'gag' you and prevent you from revealing the truth. In my email, wasn't I encouraging you to do just that - reveal the truth - reveal the bits you left out?

    You see Gabriel sent 1311 hits in total, 1053 of which went to the campaign he mentioned (the others promoted HIS VVP affiliate link on HIS behalf). Of those 1053, only 702 were unique and this is the ONLY figure that can remotely be compared to the 619 visits measured by Google Analytics.

    Yet if Gabriel would just post for us the page views that GA measured for the period in question, I have no doubt the figure would be PRETTY CLOSE to 1053.

    So John, before you 'tell everyone you know about this', it might be worth DYOR (doing your own research) rather than believing every blog you read.

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  5. PS I don't use GA (I have no need to) but thought I would give it a go and just (once again) satisfy myself that VVP tracking works as it should and make sure GA page views did indeed match VVP total hits.

    And as soon as I did I realised it's a script with no contingency for doing ANY tracking if the visitor doesn't have javascript enabled or uses a script blocker!!!

    Do you know how many traffic exchange users block scripts, how popular 'noscript' is with firefox traffic exchange users?

    Of course not. This didn't occur to me either before because I don't use GA but as the expert using and quoting statistics from GA to bash VitalViralPro Gabriel, you should have realised this.

    So I think that's case closed as far as GA is concerned. You will never prove what you seem so intent on proving using GA. You will have to use good old image counting. And then we can watch you prove 1 = 1. Good work.