Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Results of the First Social Experiment now In...

The 3 day social experiment on doing a click for a click on ads is finally over and i have to say
for the amount of people that viewed and followed was a little better than expected but the concept of a click
for a click i have to say Failed even with the number of people that claimed to have clicked on a ad to the number that
actually did was a huge differences in 3 days I Received a total of # ad Clicks and with the poll saying.. these results
alone along with the total comments posted for this Social experiment the numbers don't add up at all..

1. Even though people had the chance to have there blog viewed get new followers ( aka possible return visitor ) and even make a few cents in ad revenue. They choose to to take advantage of this opportunity. which means 55% of you didn't take a free opportunity to Socialize and grow your own Interests..

So here is a visual Layout of how it should have worked...

The Facts of how it actually turned out

The totals are for the 3 day experiment

Visitors = 316
New followers = 27
Ad Clicks total equaled = 4 amount made total Made= $0.56

So my conclusion is this Social Marketing still has along way to go compared to good old fashion advertising and marketing
you can have all the twitter and other types of followers you want but if they don't do anything or even do what they offer do you really need them or should you look for ways to find the better ways to get your sites and blog information in the view of though that will really participate and interact?

Now I would like to say this side note that several people that followed one of blogs did start and follow some of my others and i did get followers through some of the more popular blogging sites to..

I like the hear people reaction to these results.. if Participated in this i like to hear if people clicked on your ads Cause i clicked on all yours and maybe it the Advertising companies we need to look at...

Thanks More Social experiments coming Soon...


  1. Dear, My Friend I was participating in this cause I also have sense to do something alike..

    Back few years ago I made this blog () & I to tried this click 4 click theory but Folks don't like to play fear so the project got abandoned.

    You woke up the urge to continue persuing it & figuring out how to MASTER to click 4 click theory!

    Norman Flecha
    (754) 244- 7376

    Lets chat (brainstorm) and see if what we needed was to combine our efforts!

  2. I have found the social site practice of adding friends, following, etc pretty worthless as far as building revenue. I get traffic from it as well as commenting, guest posting, etc. but no conversion into income to speak of.

  3. As a result of this I received 3 new followers on one of my blogs and 0 on the other. I write because I enjoy it. I don't make any money off of either blog. One I don't even have any ads on because It is pointless to advertise so someone else can make money, which is what I end up doing on the one with ads because I do not get enough traffic for it to pay me anything. So far that blog has made .95 this month. Well I don't get a check until it accumulates $50 at that rate it will take 2 years before I see a check. Of course I have only been blogging for about 3 months in total and my number of views has more than doubled each month. Oh and yes, I did click on one of your ads at the bottom. Happy Blogging.

  4. Hey there where did you get your poll from?
    What tips can you give me from this experiment?

    I get tons of traffic from one social site and a little from another. I think it depends on your niche and what people are searching for. Also how hard you work at building contacts and friendships with people. But everyone knows social traffic doesn't convert as well as search engine traffic. Thanks.