Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being prepared to social Market to social Networks

Before you go out and Start your Social Marketing campaign and join all these social networks Directories and social bookmarking
sites you need to be ready so you can save your self a lot of time. Below is a A quick check list of what everyone of these sites will want form
you when your submitting your blog or sites. In my personal experience it best to have a ready made template of your info.

For Directory Submission

Title - Domain name or Anchor text can be the title, its case sensitive.
URL - Your site's URL, few directories allow trailing slash and few won't.
Description - A short description around 2 or 3 sentences(200 words).
Category - Select the relevant category of your site.
Keywords - around 5 keywords from your site.
Meta Description - one or two sentence, to describe best of your site.
Name -

For Social Bookmarking you will want the following information


By have these templates made before you go joining will save you time. I hope these tips help you in your
online marketing Business and blog promoting..

Below is a Site a came across that makes the process even easier to do


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