Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tip of the Week: Filtering out low or non paying Advertisers to Increase your bottomline

In the last few weeks I started using the tools provided to me
by my ad agency which happens to be Adbrite.
One of the tools they provide for me is the option allow or reject ads which currently started weed out the Ads that provided very low payouts and there was even a few that didn't pay at all
and with my blogs that already have a very low click through ratio every click counts.
So you don't need ads being displayed that are not paying specially if they actual have been clicked yet paid nothing for that click.

So I recommend that you sit down and go through your Ad Agency

1.Weed out the low and non paying Ads and make room for though that are actually Paying
I'm not a Google Adsense users so I don't know if they provide this option but Adbrite tracks and shows me every company and when and if they payed both for impressions and if there ad happened to be clicked by a visitor how much I earned when that visitor clicked.

2.Remove Ads that have nothing to do with your blog or website this to will help increase your profit cause your advertisements will be closer geared toward your sites niche which mean your ads will appeal more to your visitors and will hopefully increase your bottom line.

I Have personal done just done though 2 things I have seen my profit increase over the last few weeks...


  1. Filtering out competitors ads and ads which do not produce clicks can help improve your click through rate and your overall revenue and this is the only way to boost your earnings from ads on your site.

  2. I have adsense but it does not off this option that I know of. Thanks for the tip.