Monday, September 14, 2009


On March 23, 2009 my parents (elderly) listened to a sales pitch by Torrenza while vacationing in Mazatlan. After listening to the sales pitch they were interested by the prospect of trading another timeshare of theirs for one at Torrenza. One agent left and returned after 15 minutes and indicated a verification of ownership of the timeshare and its estimated value.

A discussion ensued regarding the trade of the specific timeshare and no need of money, only that signatures were needed on the documents laid before them. The documents indicated the total value for Torrrenza and $0 balance due.

Upon returning to the States they received a “new account” credit card statement from Bank of America for the amount of the timeshare at Torrenza. They were under the belief that they signed a “Bill of Sale” trading/exchanging their other timeshare with no further compensation due.

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  1. These kinds of stories are sad and just way too common. What I'd like everyone to know who owns a timeshare, wants to buy a timeshare, or is interested in an exchange, is that is a realiable timeshare company and is widely known for its integrity. They have a great Resource section, FAQs, a Dos and Don'ts list, etc., to answer your timeshare questions, and thus prevent prevent problems such as is in this story.

  2. Sadly, we got sucked in and bought at Torrenza. After reading all of the paperwork carefully, we spent the next 2 days ungoing our purchase. Nothing that we had been promised was in the contracts!!!!! After following all of the necessary steps in the contract, we have heard nary a word from Torrenza and they have yet to refund out $$. This group is a bunch of criminals, stay away from them. read more.

  3. we have just stayed there also . we spent $ on the membership when we got there we were told we need to give them another $39000.00 TO GET WHAT WE BOUGHT IN MARCH. I TOLD THEM TO GO F---THEMSLEVES WE ARE LUCKY WE WILL ONLY LOSE 4000.00 WE HAVE ADVISED OUR CREDIT CARD CO. TO STOP PAYMENTS do not buy ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS.THEY TARNISH THE MEXICAN PEOPLES NICE REPUTATION ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS RUN

  4. Yup, they are crooks. I keep my story on how Torrenza will not pay me the money they owe me updated at a site I created for the sole purpose of warning people not to waste their money as I seem to have.

    Here is my site for up to date news.

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  6. Many timeshare resorts have developed the practice of selling pre-construction timeshare contracts which offer the best in luxury accommodations. They claim that the timeshare weeks are sold at a lower price as incentive for the timeshare owners to purchase and invest in their new project. Unfortunately, timeshares and construction in Mexico are very volatile, and as such, many timeshare owners have become stuck with a 25 or30 year contract, and no building is ever built. The timeshare owners are left with all of the responsibilities and none of the benefits of using the resort. This a forum where you'll find more people that got ripped off by Torrenza:

    You're not alone on this

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  8. Salesperson promised that the towers will be constructed quickly. The construction did not progress for the last 2-3 years and has now stopped altogether. The hotel seems to be only a hole in the ground and the sales presentation room is closed as well.

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  10. Timeshare fraud has been around since the timeshare idea was created, but they increase during poor economy. When times are difficult, timeshare owners are stuck with properties they can´t travel to or even afford. Desperate to recoup some money to pay for bills, they can easily become victims to scams artists pretending to be their timeshare salvation who will take upfront fees -as much as five number figures in some cases- but fail to fulfill their promise.