Saturday, September 26, 2009

Less is More Internet Marketing Concept

I've learned something very valuable i think that id like to share in the beginning "Less is More Concept"
while everyone is saying online that you need mass traffic to make it online that maybe true for the long run.
But not in the beginning over the last few weeks to month i have been test ways to drive traffic to my site.
And like everyone less I thought i need mass traffic to make money..

Now i make all my profit through Ad revenue i don't try to sell anything just share information on internet marketing that i have come across.. At first i was making like $1 or $2 a day So i thought i just needed to increase the traffic and the profit would increase. Well i was wrong though my CTR is really low i was make a buck or 2 but then i amped up my traffic and even checked out a few companies that promised more page views for sale. I was shocked to see i was getting 10 times the traffic getting close to 20 to 30 page views but I was now only making like .17 to .20 cents a day a huge drop in profit if you look at it has a percentages thats over a 80% profit drop per day from the week before.

Now I knew i had a problem that my first thoughts were wrong.. So I quit promoting my blogs and let what i payed for flush it self out slowly my Visitor per day went down my CTR stayed about the same But my profit slow started to normalize back to what it was before.

I then read a online that the average CTR should be 0.5 % so a 1000 visitors would be 5 clicks
So now I have let my number crash to about half of that getting around 500 per blog and getting 1 to 2 clicks still
but my profit has now doubled to around average of 2 bucks a day. and most of you will say that thats nothing it still a step in the right direction and has percentages go thats a 100% increase instead of a 80% decrease.

My Goal now is to make all blogs worth a $1 Day

I currently help promote 7 different so that $7 a day I like to reach this goal by the end of October.
as always i love to hear your thoughts and op-ions please leave a comment.


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