Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vital Viral Admits He doesn't show peoples WebSites ! ! !

hello Everyone,

like i said I give Vital Viral Another chances to prove that his Application really works to help promote your website or Blog while i waited and waited to see results from him I emailed Troy Personaly to see why im not getting any results with this email

My Email

Hello Troy,

I was wondering when your system is going to start sending traffic to my Site ?
I had theses sources of traffic sending traffic to my site with no problems for the last week now they have dropped to 0 after adding them to your system.. I'd Really like to see your product do something and all that it claims its saying im getting around 100+ hr through 4 sources now im getting o traffic all these sites were giving me 80 - 50 visits a day at least

thanks for your time Gabriel

A few hours later i get this Email from Troy

Troy Responses is this

I am confident that the system sends the hits it says it sends and I believe I've answered satisfactorily the 'allegation'.

However, with no response from you and with you (at the time) promoting a blog criticsising my site, I didn't really want that being shown on traffic exchanges. You'll appreciate that it can do a lot of damage to the reputation, even if there is just a suggestion that something is not right.

So rather than delete your campaign, I compromised and set your vvMix ratio to 100% meaning the traffic you have been sending is effectively promoting YOUR VVP affiliate link.

You have a right to promote your blog if that's what you want to do but I'm not going to help !! :-)

so he takes your hard work and steals it for promoting his own services saying it going to help you now if I get all theses people in his system to help promote my stuff but he keeps them and doesn't promote what im sharing with people..

So personal I will never use his services are anything that he creates please share this with everyone you might now using this system and Stop don't let your hard work go to waste and let some one else profit from it.

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  1. So it's ok for you to post an email that was not meant to be published but it's not ok for me to add comments in my defence to your blog.

    Draw your own conclusions folks.

    PS the comments were not derogatory, just asking Gabriel to confirm some points.