Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why I prefer Adbrite Over Google Adsense.

In the world of web advertising there are many choices out there to choose from and
several different online marketing programs. from google advertising , adbrite to many many
more choices. the big companies and the ones you want to deal with use whats called targeted
online advertising. In my dealing with these kind of companies I have chosen Adbrite over google
Adsence and this is why.

these are my main two reasons

1. You can make more with Adbrite

2. They treat you and better

why do if feel that adbrite pays more is your allowed more ad placement per page.
which in return pays you more over the long run.

the reason i feel they treat me better is this a few years ago i was teaching a group of a students
how to setup google adsence so they could learn more about online marketing during that time
the day after teaching this google shutdown account. while trying to sort it around i never got a live human help
with this problem i have now resolved the problem but after being treated that way i will never go back to there
Ad services. Adbrite as never caused me or my companies any problems in the 3 years i have dealing with them.

So if your interested in adding advertisements to your sites or blogs i personal recommend giving
Adbrite try..

Thanks And as Always love to hear peoples views and thoughts on the subject.


  1. i didn't try it but i don't like adbrite as i don't think that it is professional like google adsense

    does that adbrite ads show in that blog relevant to it's content the answer is no so why the visitor are going to click ur ad :D

    but i agree with u in the treatment of google they can close ur account without even giving u a reason but i have read that b4 closing ur account they send a warning email telling u the reason that they are going to close ur account but im not sure about that